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Custom Container Design

Let our designer create your containers and be the envy of your neighborhood. We pride ourselves in our unusual selection of plant material that can complement and coordinate your lifestyle, your home, and even your patio furniture.

We Plan, You Plant

This service is perfect for the "do-it-yourselfer" who needs assistance designing their landscape. We make it so easy! First, make an appointment with our designer at Scotland Yards Greenhouse. Next, write down your specific landscaping needs including style (are you cottage, formal, or beach?) and location (is it wet, windy, sunny or shady?). Next, measure the area, including windows, sidewalks, porches and doors. Finally, arrive at your appointment and our designer will help you pick out plants and plan a beautiful design just for you.

Landscape Service

Our talented team of landscapers offer design and planting service at your home. From a simple foundation planting to a backyard retreat, we can install the necessary plants to coordinate your outdoor living space with your lifestyle. Call us at (814) 734-6700 for an appointment.

Installation Service

All trees and shrubs purchased from Scotland Yards Greenhouse can be planted for your convenience. Planting includes delivery, amended soil, fertilizer and a one year guarantee.


We will deliver any tree, shrub or hardgood purchased at Scotland Yards Greenhouse. Call us at (814) 734-6700 for details.

Revitalize Your Houseplants

Drop off your tired and overgrown houseplants and let us re-pot them (July, August and September only).