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Nursery Yard

Scotland Yards Greenhouse nursery yard is fully stocked with trees and shrubs perfect for your landscaping project. We have what you're looking for, from the tried and true, to the specialty specimen plants. Our selection of nursery stock surpasses any in the area on hard-to-find and interesting plant material like weeping conifers, natives, and even poodle topiaries. Trucks arrive continually throughout the growing season to keep the trees and shrubs selection well-stocked. Check out our services page to see how we can help with planning your project, delivery of your purchases, and even installation.


Our perennial department is overflowing with hardy perennials suitable for our growing climate from grasses to groundcovers. We offer plants that were selected based on the ease of maintenance, pest/disease resistance, fragrance, foliage, and longevity of bloom. Scotland Yards Greenhouse grows the traditional varieties to the newest introductions perfect for your perennial garden. This year we are especially excited to reintroduce some of Pennsylvania's Native perennials as well as some of the newest introductions to the perennial market, including 'peppermint' phlox, 'dazzleberry' sedum, and 'tuscan sun' heliopsis.